Cyber & Digital Resilience

Cyber Resilience


The Sutton House Cyber Team design and deliver a holistic security approach, focusing on the whole system rather than a fixed product or an asset-centric view.


  • The team will audit a client’s current capabilities to identify system and process vulnerabilities, threats and mitigation measures.

  • Sutton House also delivers cyber security training and awareness all stakeholders and professionals in order to create greater organisational resilience.

  • The team then design and implement robust cyber security processes and policies that will underpin and support organisational improvement and business continuity.

  • The conduct of regular audit and analysis centered on both known vulnerabilities and potential future exposure.


Data Analysis

The Sutton House Analytic Partner Platform- this real time detailed measurable metrics system allows our customers to analyse and evaluate the rich information from social media, new sources, blogs and their own data.

  • This platform is the only behavioral based system that finds the ‘unknowns’ using ”behavioral fingerprint” technology.

  • Access to data diversity through fusing, sorting and querying ANY source of data, whether open source, commercial or customer’s own internal propriety data.

  • World leading artificial intelligence that allows our clients to get the most out of their data with context AI technology.


Cyber Resilience

The Sutton House Difference


With ever-evolving cyber threats and constantly improving skill sets, Sutton House pride ourselves on always keeping vigilant.


 Our specialist tech and digital operatives maintain their attention to stay one step ahead. And we are consistently looking for new and highly trained experts to improve our cyber security offering.



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